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Tracey Mapes

Tracey Mapes began her career as a child actor. Having spent most of her
life, "Growing Up In The Business", it would only be a matter of time before
this L.A. Native would find herself on the other side of the camera. Her
dedication as an actor and her compassion and passion for other actors is
what drives her and  allows her to be hands on and diligent with every
client she represents.
She also has an extensive background in Production, Writing, Producing,
Directing, Casting, and ten years of expertise as a Talent Agent, which
aids in the day to day operations of IMPERIUM 7. Mapes' enthusiasm and
charismatic approach have made her an asset to the entertainment industry.

Tracy Mapes is proud to Head the On-Camera Commercials Dept, and be the
Director of Celebrity Endorsements, Branding, and Reality at the prestigious
IMPERIUM 7 TALENT AGENCY. She considers it one of her biggest
accomplishments and is grateful to be surrounded by the creativity of her
clients and the inspiration of her I-7 family everyday.

 TRACY is a Television Academy Member, has been featured in Studio City
Lifestyle magazine, People magazine, Inside Casting, and several other media
outlets, showcasing her success and inked deals over the years. Tracy enjoys
traveling, being a Foodie, writing, Film, fashion, music, running, cycling,
and ice-skating. Tracy still calls L.A. home and is a huge Basketball fan,
dividing her time between the Lakers and the Clippers.



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