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Marni Anhalt

Marni Anhalt joined Imperium 7 (I7) in September of 2004 and has worked
to become one of I7’s most prolific voice-over talent agents. In her years at
Imperium 7 Marni has built up valuable relationships with major advertising
agencies, casting directors, video game developers, and animation studios.
Marni is responsible for negotiations, inquires, and submissions for I7’s
celebrity and established voice-over talent. She specializes in projects ranging
from, product endorsements, sponsorships, and the promotion of video games
and animation. Throughout the years there have been many campaigns, series,
films, game franchises, fond memories and laughs. Marni is thrilled about the
ever-expanding future of I7 and the growth and the development of her clients.

Marni was born in Honolulu, Hawaii into a Navy family and has lived in various
locations all over the United States.  This early exposure to a variety of dialects
and characters is what sparked her interest in voice over. Marni came to LA with
a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and since then has become an accomplished martial
artist who enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, scuba, travel, and live music.
At home in the Encino hills Marni might be found in her organic garden, hiking
with her dog Sunny, or painting.



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